Getting Started

Workshop #1 on 2/3/21
3.17.21 Zoom Workshop Flyer.pdf
Workshop #2 on 3/17/21

Creation Process

How to get started with digital storytelling

Tutorials & Hyperlinks to Get Going

Introduction to Film making (video)

​Filmmaking Tips for Children (tutorial video)

Storyboard Template (printable page)

Ways to Spice Up Your Video (tips and tricks video)

How to Use YouTube Editor (tutorials)

How to Edit in WeVideo (tutorial video)

How to Edit in iMovie on Phones and Tablets (tutorial video)

Edutopia (filmmaking resources/videos)

​White House Film Festival (selections)

Documentary/News Story (HyperDoc)

PSA (HyperDoc)

Performance (tutorial video-advanced)

Tutorial (tutorial video)

Where Can I Find Usable Media?