Documentary/News Story

    • Present facts about real issues, current events, or a historic occurrence

Public Service Announcement

    • Create a public notice or brief commentary about a particular issue you are passionate about


    • Bring the inanimate to life through drawings, claymation, stop motion, etc.


    • Create a film that tells a story, either fictional or nonfictional


    • Teach us the steps of making something like a meal or a craft

A Day in My Life

    • Have you learned a new hobby? Skill? What's something you're proud of learning? Show us!


    • Skit idea examples: tutorial gone wrong, slapstick humor, parodies, "what if..."

    • Challenge idea examples: blind taste test, mannequin challenge, "A Day With/Without..."


    • Was there something you were going to get to perform, like a song, monologue, poem, or instrument, but are now unable to? We want to see you, share it with us!

    • Film can either be a video of yourself performing or audio of you performing your piece accompanied by visuals like a montage

Past Submissions For Each Topic

Videos may have different time lengths then permitted now due to previous guidelines

Narrative Fiction

Sophie Emma Wells

Performance (Poetry)

Smitha and Suhas Nagar

Tutorial (Tasty)

Jenna Brown

Documentary/News Story

Vi Nguyen


Isabelle Morales


Kate Robertson

A Day In My Life

Lakshmi Sajith


Josh Carlson